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Formations a Casablanca – Centre Maroc

Durée de la formation accélérée Casablanca :

Pack de formation accélérée  initiale – 36 heures  1 semaine – 1 mois – 3 mois 

Pack de formation accélérée   avancé – 72 heures  1 mois – 3 mois – 6 mois 

Pack de formation accélérée  expert – 144 heures   2/3 mois – 6 mois 12 mois

Pack de formation accélérée  initiale – 300 heures  2/3 mois – 3 mois – 6 mois 12 mois

Pack de formation accélérée   avancé – 500 heures  4 mois – 6 mois – 12 mois

Pack de formation accélérée  expert – 1000 heures  6 mois – 12 mois

Pack de formation entreprises – 2 jours

Pack de formation à distance accélérée 

Oasis de la connaissance cabinet de Formations accélérée Casablanca Maroc vous propose une formation accélérée pour les particuliers et les entreprises en individuel ou en groupe, Oasis de la connaissance cabinet de formation éligible aux CSF (Contrats Spéciaux de Formation) de l’OFPPT (Office de la Formation Professionnelle et de la Promotion du Travail) en tant qu’Organisme de Formation / prestataire de formation / opérateur de formation / cabinet de Formation professionnelle Maroc  ecole privée maroc Vous profitez du plus large choix de Formations accélérée Casablanca de qualité et disponibles au Maroc : plus de 1200 formations continue sont disponibles et peuvent être déployées partout au Maroc ecole de management maro

Why choose our training center ?

  • Highly qualified and expert trainers
  • Flexible training program 7days / from 7am to 9pm selection of your choice / Availability
  • Registration is open all year round
  • Free acces : Wifi , Coffe , Ralaxation area
  • Different formats that are completely customized to your needs and budget
  • More than 1500 accelerated training
  • Job coaching / free profesional coaching
  • Study materials in case needed : laptop, mouse, keyboard
  • Simplified planning
  • More visibility on upcoming training actions
  • time saving on needs analysis and identified training
  • An optimized budget due to the wide range of formulas offered by our center
  • Organize your training at your premises or ours, the choice is yours
  • Distance training
  • Project realisation

Our advantages for individuals

  • training in group : 18H – 36H – 72H – 144H – 300H
  • Individual training : 12H – 20H
  • Free orientation and diagnostic of your purpose pre-registration
  • 2 training institutions in you service Beauséjour and Hay el mohammadi
  • Morning, evening and weekend classes
  • Possibility to Block the training or postpone the session
  • Training wihout a baccalaureate
  • Train at your own pace
  • Studies of your needs and of the profile of the people to be trained
  • Programs offered in French and English
  • Training programs for all levels
  • Follow certified courses more easely
  • Excellent training, provided by a high-level faculty
  • Leads to personal and proffesional development
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, with solid experience in the work industry.
  • Practical educational projects close to professional reality

Our advantages for companies

  • Engineering training
  • A training plan design
  • professional skills development
  • Business Strategy Consulting Morocco
  • A CV library available for companies
  • Recruitment service for free Morocco
  • Inter-company training Morocco
  • Intra-company training Morocco
  • Skills assessment
  • eligible training providers
  • Training contract
  • Increased productivity and work performance
  • Proposal of solutions which are best suited to your objectives (inter or intra, tailor-made, e-learning, etc.)
  • under the best financial conditions
  • Support in the implementation of training
  • Validation of the achievement of your objectives and measurement of your satisfaction.
  • Administrative assistance (invoices, training agreements, attendance sheets, evaluation sheets, etc.)
  • Organize remote framing meetings to validate the expected objectives;
  • Validation of the achievement of your objectives and measurement of your satisfaction.
  • We are recognized by the best companies
  • Gain tailor-made sessions adapted to the needs of the company
  • Simplified planning

training courses are offered to:

  • Companies of all sizes (large, medium, small, and tiny)
  • Executives and civil servants
  • Employees and salaried
  • Self-employed
  • Jobseekers
  • Students and trainees

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