oasis connaissance développe dans le cadre de ses activités dans plusieurs domaines des partenariats avec plusieurs organismes internationaux nationaux – partenaires de formation

Nos partenaires

Akwa Immo – Cabinet el ghrari – Chaabi Doc Net – Hôtel LE LIDO SMEF MAROC – LAT SIMA – McDonald’s – Decathlon COLAS RAIL – V2 DOMOTIQUE – Centrale Automobile Chérifienne – SEPARATOR DETAIL INOX – PARMADIS – LOUFELEC – SAITEK – BMMS – Les lumières d’agdal – Vimeo – DERMICA –  EDITION DOUNIA – AMB PROCESS – Eletec – F2V consulting – Société M2T MAROC – Novomet – AU BON COUVERTS – Planet materiaux – Visualis JIZA ENGINEERING HESS Healt environement – save solutions – graderco – G.E.S.S – GENERAL ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS – FIDUMED CONSULTING- BPS MAROC – ROTO MOULAGE DU SUD – Orange ateliers – LA VERITE DES MEDIAS – ILLIRIA MAROC SARL – CERISART – EGLO MAGHRAB LUMINAIRES – E G T H M  SARL – GEBATI s.a.r.l – DFI International – DIDISIGNATURE – AKZO NOBEL – Immo city – LD IMMOBILIER SARL – TaichiCo LTD – Pharmacie RIHAME – CAPITAL EVENTS – VMM – CABINET ARCHITECTURE- Swissport Maroc – LUMINARIA – KS MEDIA SARL – ZOOLUX SARL – DE SARS GUILLAUME – ZMB SARL – TROSS INGENIEURS CONSEILS – leyton Maroc

Vous profitez du plus large choix de formations professionnelles de qualité et disponibles au Maroc : plus de 1000 formations continue sont disponibles et peuvent être déployées partout au Maroc

Why choose our training center ?

  • Highly qualified and expert trainers
  • Flexible training program 7days / from 7am to 9pm selection of your choice / Availability
  • Registration is open all year round
  • Free acces : Wifi , Coffe , Ralaxation area
  • Different formats that are completely customized to your needs and budget
  • More than 1500 accelerated training
  • Job coaching / free profesional coaching
  • Study materials in case needed : laptop, mouse, keyboard
  • Distance training
  • Project realisation

Our advantages for individuals

  • training in group : 18H – 36H – 72H – 144H – 300H
  • Individual training : 12H – 20H
  • Free orientation and diagnostic of your purpose pre-registration
  • 2 training institutions in you service Beauséjour and Hay el mohammadi
  • Morning, evening and weekend classes
  • Possibility to Block the training or postpone the session
  • Training wihout a baccalaureate
  • Train at your own pace
  • Studies of your needs and of the profile of the people to be trained
  • Programs offered in French and English
  • Training programs for all levels
  • Follow certified courses more easely
  • Excellent training, provided by a high-level faculty
  • Leads to personal and proffesional development
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, with solid experience in the work industry.
  • Practical educational projects close to professional reality

Our advantages for companies

  • Engineering training
  • A training plan design
  • professional skills development
  • Business Strategy Consulting Morocco
  • A CV library available for companies
  • Recruitment service for free Morocco
  • Inter-company training Morocco
  • Intra-company training Morocco
  • Skills assessment
  • eligible training providers
  • Training contract
  • Increased productivity and work performance
  • Proposal of solutions which are best suited to your objectives (inter or intra, tailor-made, e-learning, etc.)
  • under the best financial conditions
  • Support in the implementation of training
  • Validation of the achievement of your objectives and measurement of your satisfaction.
  • Administrative assistance (invoices, training agreements, attendance sheets, evaluation sheets, etc.)
  • Organize remote framing meetings to validate the expected objectives;
  • Validation of the achievement of your objectives and measurement of your satisfaction.
  • We are recognized by the best companies
  • Gain tailor-made sessions adapted to the needs of the company
  • Simplified planning
  • More visibility on upcoming training actions
  • time saving on needs analysis and identified training
  • An optimized budget due to the wide range of formulas offered by ORSYS
  • Organize your training at your premises or ours, the choice is yours

Our training courses are offered to:

  • Companies of all sizes (large, medium, small, and tiny)
  • Executives and civil servants
  • Employees and salaried
  • Self-employed
  • Jobseekers
  • Students and trainees

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