Oasis de la connaissance cabinet de Formation Maroc vous propose une formation services-stagiaires pour les particuliers et les entreprises en individuel ou en groupe, Oasis de la connaissance cabinet de formation éligible aux CSF (Contrats Spéciaux de Formation) de l’OFPPT (Office de la Formation Professionnelle et de la Promotion du Travail) en tant qu’Organisme de Formation / prestataire de formation / opérateur de formation / cabinet de Formation professionnelleservices-stagiaires

S’inscrire à la Formation services-stagiaires

Vous profitez du plus large choix de formations professionnelles de qualité et disponibles au Maroc : plus de 1200 formations continue sont disponibles et peuvent être déployées partout au Maroc


PROJECT 201 – herbs for health : Natural remedies to maintain a healthy life using medicinal plants. Examples are ginseng, herbal teas, herbal medicine, etc. Health

PROJECT 202 – Hinduism : Web pages dealing with beliefs, traditions and other information about Hinduism. Examples are Vedas, Brahman, Saivism, etc. Religion

PROJECT 203 – Hobbies and interests – Other : Sites that do not belong to any specific category under Hobbies and Interests belong to this category. Also includes web pages that have at least two categories of hobbies and interests that should be in that category. Examples are paper modeling, tapestry, origami, etc. Hobbies interests

PROJECT 204 – holistic healing : Sites that deal with a diverse or alternative area of health and wellness. Examples are holistic medicine, homeopathy, homeopathy, etc. Health

PROJECT 205 – Home & Garden – Other : Sites that do not belong to any specific category belong to this category. Also includes web pages that have two or more Home & Garden categories must be under this category. Home & Garden

PROJECT 206 – Home and office furnishings : Web pages that include furniture manufacturers, retail furniture stores, desks, sofas, chairs, cabinets, etc. Business

PROJECT 207 – Home recording : Web pages that provide information, articles, tips and tricks for setting up a home recording studio, whether as a hobby or a business. Examples are project studio, home setup, home recording tips, etc. Hobbies interests

PROJECT 208 – home repair : Web pages containing information, do-it-yourself (DIY) advice and a guide to home repair and improvement. Examples are home repair, DIY home repair, etc. Home & Garden

PROJECT 209 – Home theater : Refers to web pages that deal with home entertainment, in particular setting up home theaters/home theaters. The equipment used for the home cinema belongs to Technology-Entertainment. Examples are home theater setup, home theater setup, etc. Home & Garden

PROJECT 210 – Home Video/DVD : Web pages containing DVDs and home videos. Excludes electronic devices or players used to play DVDs or home videos. Examples are dvd, blu-ray, vcd etc. Technology

PROJECT 211 – school at home : Web pages that show a type of education of a child at home instead of sending him to school. Examples are homeschooling, home learning, etc. Education

PROJECT 212 – Tips for homework/study : Web pages that show tasks assigned to students by their teachers to complete outside of class. Examples are homework, homework, etc. Education

PROJECT 213 – Horses : Web pages dedicated to equines, riders and other horse-related sports. Examples are horse riding, equestrian, equestrian sports, etc. Sports

PROJECT 214 – Hotels : Sites that address information, guides and links to hotel accommodations in a specific location and/or country that do not fall into any of the specific categories. Examples are guest houses, vacation homes, motels, etc. Journey

PROJECT 215 – Human ressources : Web pages describing a department or set of personnel that make up the workforce of an industry or organization. Examples are Human Resources Department (HRD) etc. Business

PROJECT 216 – Humor : Web pages designed to be humorous in nature containing humorous stories, jokes or other diversions. Also includes comics and comedians. Examples are clowns, funny humor, etc. Entertainment

PROJECT 217 – Hybrid : Sites that describe vehicles using at least two energy sources to move. Examples are hybrid car, petro-air hybrid, plug-in hybrid, etc. Automotive

PROJECT 218 – IBS/Crohn’s disease : Web pages discussing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS or Spastic Bowel) which is a symptom-based diagnosis characterized by chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating and altered bowel habits. Examples are Crohn’s disease, enteritis, etc. Health

PROJECT 219 – Image search : Web pages and Internet search engines used to search for images and photos found on the Internet where the results returned include thumbnails of the images found News, portal and research

PROJECT 220 – Immigration : Web pages covering laws, rules, legal assistance and immigration issues. Examples are immigration law, visa assistance, embassies, green card, etc. Public, government and law


  • Formation en groupe : 18H – 36H – 72H – 144H – 300H
  • Formation individuelle : 12H-20H
  • cours particuliers Maroc
  • Une orientation et diagnostic de besoin avant l’inscription 
  • 2 centre de formation à votre disposition Beauséjour et Hay el mohammadi
  • Cours du jour, cours du soir et weekend
  • Possibilité de bloquer la formation ou reporter la séance


  • Ingénierie de formation
  • Conception du Plan de formation
  • Développement de compétences professionnelles
  • Conseil en stratégie des entreprises Maroc
  • Une CVthèque disponibles pour les entreprises
  • Service gratuit de recrutement Maroc
  • Formations Inter-entreprises Maroc
  • Formations Intra-entreprise Maroc
  • Bilan des compétences
  • cabinet de formation éligible
  • Contrat de formation
  • Augmentation de la productivité et de la performance au travail

Nos formations sont proposées aux :

  • Entreprises de toutes les tailles (grande, moyenne, petite, et toute petite)
  • Cadres et fonctionnaires
  • Employés et salariés
  • Travailleurs indépendants
  • Demandeurs d’emploi
  • Étudiants et stagiaires



TOP cours :

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